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Posted by Ghandi from ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 0:58AM :

In Reply to: These People Are Christians...period! posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 11:41PM :

: There isn't anything wrong with that...I'm sure that if Christianity was threatened anywhere in the world...instead of holding the world by its throat, I have no doubt they would come to its rescue...sort of.

: What I know for a certainty is that none of them feel the same way about our Heritage...which has no one else to look after is...anyway...more doodles from beth....

: I heard the Ghazal family chickend out at the convention and kissed the Bishop A...
: What happend to their principle, and preaching?
: again the Arab won.. the language lost.. the loser came on the top.. the Ghazal sold everything for a cheap dinner with the Bishop like Juda did to our lord time at the church I will not stand by you, you are traitors.

: +++It never occured to these people that language is for communicating...not just for preserving. Petrified forests are preserved as are fossils. What we have to say should matter at least as much as which language we use...and for all of our purposes, for the things that count for us in this world...I'd say none of us have any real use for this language.

: Which language shall we use to list our names on a tombstone?

As long as those fool Ass-Irians are alive christianity woun't perish.If those bishops screw their moms, sisters,wives and duaghters , they will look the other way.
As I have always told you I have seen them all and I know them all.
Any language but no cross on my tombstone. believe me or not Pancho , I have asked my wife to have me cremated and after a perfect meal and drinks to friends and relatives , my ashes been sent to Bil-nahrain and blow over there in the land of Ashur.

-- Ghandi
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