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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 11:06AM :

In Reply to: Eschew Obfuscation posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 9:53PM :

: I don't think people who write like this want to be understood.

xxx I don't know much about the thinkers she references in her interview, *but* the overall gist of what she says is incredibly cool. Plus, she's adorable... not something you can see just by reading the interview, of course. Anyway, I love the way she can talk like that, too... me, I'm still on baby-words. Maybe someday I'll be able to speak like that...

: No...I am not allowed even to view their messages. I could get around it, or go to other places...but why? Is there something earth shattering going on? Will their "debates" and my comments...or my debates and no comments, make any difference anywhere, to anyone? No.

xxx What did cynicism ever do for anyone, besides keep them sane?

: The point was to see for myself what these guys are made of...what drives them, what makes them tick. In and of themselves where do they matter for anything? Even if one felt they were distorting history for others of us and non-Assyrians alike...what difference does it make?

xxx Well, it makes a difference for the next generation(s)... Maybe you should publish something about this so that in the future kids can pick this stuff up & read it & realize that they aren't alone - that the way that they think & feel is not "abnormal." I mean, Fred, what you post here (& what others post here, too) & what my dad & his family have said to me about this - it's so good for the community, whether or not they want to hear it or not. I remember when I first wrote an email to AINA about that ridiculous protest "We are NOT Arabs" & then read what they had to say on their forum & those ridiculous response emails I got from Firas & Peter... it was so disheartening. I'd never been exposed to *that* before in my life! Maybe subtler versions of it (in this American society), but nothing that strong, nothing that blatantly full of hate. Then I found out about your forum, by accident (doing google searches on Peter's & Firas' names, to see if I should even begin to respect them)... it was like stumbling upon treasure, when I read what you had to say about these people! I was thinking,"I'm not wrong - some of these people from AINA really are racist!" BUT, I quickly came to realize that your forum was not *just* a good place to learn about the antics of the people at AINA, but a wonderful place to engage in creative & political dialogue with a lot of incredible people.

: We had a chance with Ross to fight back...even though it changed nothing...changed nothing because we don't want things changed. Victims are really victims when they become becomes a way of life, a way of defining oneself that although it changes nothing... nothing about being a victim, it still defines the person more clearly, tells the person just who he or she is, and informs others as well...more than any other definiton the victim could hope to come up with on his own.

xxx Ross is a pompous jackass who masturbates in front of the mirror every night. Sorry you had to read that... I think you're right about this... I call it the culture of victimhood... it's everywhere, it's trendy, it's a social disease. It's like all the others - it destroys individuality in favor of another social construct.

-- Lilly
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