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Posted by Stella from 12-248-16-41.client.attbi.com ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 7:07PM :

In Reply to: Re: LOL!!! posted by Ghandi from cache-rm02.proxy.aol.com ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 6:54PM :

***Hey Ghandi, since you've got "connections" to the star trek world, could you maybe set me up with Patrick Stewart? Just one date! I've always wanted to "hang out" on the brig.
Hook a sista up!

: you are wayyy offff Jef!
: "Sulu" is the pilot, the oriental guy played by Mr.George Takaei.
: "Uhura" is the black lady as communication officer who was played by Ms.Nichelle Nichols, who in real life was going to get marry to late Gene Roddenberry the StarTrek creator but she lost to Majel(a bitch and stingy woman in real life) , who was playing as a nurse to Dr.Macoy in the original starTrek.
: The rumors was he didn't marry Ms.Nichols because she is black(a super lady in real life)and that would have made a bad publicity for StarTrek back in sixties.
: by the way if you remmember in 1996-97 members of a cult commited suecide in SanDiego Ca. Ms.Nichols brother was one of them. And ofcourse not that I am going to brag about it, I dated Ms.Grace Lee Whitney , who played as an assistance on the bridge in orginal Startrek.(holding the log for Captain Kirk to be signed).I still pay her a visit when I go to the beautiful "YOSEMETY"

-- Stella
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