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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 7:33PM :

Below is a quote from an appeals court in San Francisco that bears upon our own case. A woman sued a radio program for calling her a "chicken butt" and a SKANK! She sued and finally lost big time. As the judgement has stood it sets perecedent...and it took place right here in San Francisco...Jackie Bejan is a great BIG SKANK!!!

But the state Court of Appeal in San Francisco ordered Seelig's slander suit dismissed Tuesday.

The TV show was a legitimate subject of debate, the court said, and Seelig invited scrutiny by participating. It also said the insults she endured were mere expressions of opinion or subjective judgment -- including skank, which the court described as "a derogatory slang term of recent vintage that has no generally recognized meaning."

"Although sophomoric and in bad taste, the comments are just the type of name-calling of the 'sticks and stones will break my bones' variety" that have been found non-defamatory in earlier cases, wrote Justice Mark Simons.

Seelig's attorney, Christopher Dolan, said the court wasn't consulting the proper sources.

"I think anybody in that (radio) market, the 14s to mid-20s, knows what skank means: a dirty woman, unchaste, often used in conjunction with whore," Dolan said, quoting from a slang dictionary that he cited to the court. "Unfortunately, the court was out of touch with the public that heard the statement."

Other slang dictionaries offer a variety of definitions, including cheap- looking, sluttish and "an unattractive, easily available girl." The word has made it into at least one conventional dictionary, the 2000 edition of the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, which defines skank as "one who is disgustingly foul or filthy and often considered sexually promiscuous, used especially of a woman or a girl."

Dolan said Seelig -- "a lovely single mother who did nothing to invite this criticism " -- had left her previous radio sales job in San Francisco and moved to Southern California.

+++Okay...skank is a newer vesion of cunt...which falls somewhere around bitch. Jackie is a public figure...good GOD she's worked hard enough to stick herself in everyone's eyes...who hosts a TV show then claims she's just a little old private person?

+++I do not think Jackie is a loose and foul and promiscuous woman...any more than she thinks Jeff really did anything to her...of there was anything objectionable on the tapes she and Shawn demanded from John...but never bothered to pick up...any more than she believes I was a troublemaker...a crook... a swindler or a welcher on loans that never were.

I do think however that a woman who would do these things can be described as a bitch...and when she deliberately stops an Assyrian artist from earning his bread and feeding his children...after she asked him to stay and help a foul woman, whether she sleeps around or not. In fact, some would argue that if she DID sleep around it might be better for all concerned.

++++I don't mean to imply that there is anything inherently bad about sleeping around...Clinton did it...Kennedy did, several priests do it...obviously it is no big deal. takes a special kind of woman to strike out at a man's innocent have his sculptures thrown around...just because he said no to her.

+++I can prove she is a bitch...easily. The rest of it...I don't know...she might have to work harder to earn it.

-- panch
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