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Posted by Stella from ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 7:43PM :

In Reply to: Re: To Stella re: Star Trek posted by Ghandi from ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 0:27AM :

: Back in late seveties and early eighties William Shatner created an organization and named it "William Shatner Fellowship" I was one the firsts who joint that organization, he use to arrange some gatherings and events and only couple of hundereds of fans use to come to StarTrek conventions , Till the Conventions became too much commercial and they turned it to StarTrek Swampmeets. William Shatner became a real celebrity and got a real rich and famous he got stucked up and thought his shit doesn't stink.the fellowship was cancelled. He distroyed Capitan Kirk by crying on tv.s for his drowned wife and start acting as a comedian who made a clown out of himself , not mentioning he is fat as a pig now.
: But Mr.Patrick Stewart is a gentlleman as ever, and as Capitan picard he always solves the problems inteligently and peacefuly not like Capitan Kirk(An Assyrian Capitan) who believes in Fighting and destroying.
: I own one of the biggest startrek collections , From Autographed pictures&posters to Autographed memorabilias&Figures,movies and episodes.
: Do you know one of the orginal startrek episodes was called "SARGON"

: Hey Stella-I think we have something to be penpalls about!

****Hey Ghandi,
What was the SARGON episode about? Any other Assyrian references in the episode?

Patrick Stewart has to be the best captain Star Fleet has EVER produced. Kirk and the captains that preceded Picard lacked the intelligance the writers gave to PIcard and also his charm and grace. He's just badass!

-- Stella
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