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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 7:58PM : gets so hard to keep the faith...the eyes on the prize. What a mindboggling ignominious picture we cut...especially at the last convention where I was the one solid outcast we had. And in this convention in Detroit, I can come if I want to...but I can't show any sculpture.

This is all of it, all of these people have managed to keep their stranglehold on Assyria...make it the kind of place that spirited people run screaming from...a place they can rule like some kind of state ward for the crimminally petty. Just the kind of people we need...anyone would need if the point was to build something meaningful...are the ones they chase away...why? because of their egos and what they can TAKE from us are the most important things to them.

I'm the canary in the mineshaft...or the shaft up Jackie's wazoo...Shawn!! Give it a rest...find some other dumb cluck ethnic group with a leader like we 're cursed with to hound!!! When it gets too confining up there and you don't hear me

-- panch
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