Nimrod And The Mayor

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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 11:28PM :

Last week I sent John a letter sort of saying...let's forget the nonsense, let's install the Shumirum, let's honor your sister's legacy, her wishes...said the city needed a letter from him...said the Oriental Institute would be opening soon after four years of was an honor for us etc etc.

I spoke to him over the phone a few days after. He told me he appreciated the letter...said he always admired my talent, didn't like many things I'd said though...that he also wanted to honor his sister...and then, for the umpteenth time said he would call the mayor's office and we'd just solve this thing right away. He now wants to put the Shumirum on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston...another city entirely.

What could I say? So I said it...I said to go ahead...sure! By all means, call the mayor of Chicago to see about placing the monument in ANOTHER city!!!

It's a wonder I'm still almost sane! Here his foundation goes and gives the monument to Chicago, then balks when the city arts council determines the perfect location...we wait three years cause he says he'll find a better place...get not a single suggestion from in three years...except he threatens to sue the city if they go ahead and install the gift we've given them...a monument he didn't give a dime to.

And there we've been stuck while we ponder the meaning of Simele.

Two years ago he meets with Jackie and I and swears he's going to call the mayor and settle the whole thing over a cup of coffee. last year he declares to a packed room at the san Jose convention that he's maybe just finally going to call the mayor and settle the whole thing...and last week he says he's going to by god just call the mayor and settle thie whole thing.

It doesn't occur to him how the mayor of one city is going to decide for the mayor of another city...where to stick a monument he already gave to the mayor of the first city...the Arts Council of which is still legally and officially the recipient of the Shumirum and has no intention of giving up.

I'll take bets that no mayor of any city gets called. He also mentioned on the phone that if I thought he was going to sue Chicago, just wait till I see what happens if we try to install the monument in Turlock, or anywhere else.

I think the final result will be that we'll either cut the Shumirum up and sell it for scrap...about $5000 worth of bronze metal...or just melt it down and at least use the metal to cast other stuff.

And John will be relieved. The last thing he wants in Chicago is the Shumirum Monument. Well, he's worked pretty damn hard to keep it out. he isn't about to "help me" get recognition in HIS city. He has to think about his place in history after all...his stature etc.

I'll play along...I'll call in a couple of weeks and ask what the mayor said. I have nothing better to do.

-- panch
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