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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 11, 2002 at 11:47PM :

In other words...if I had remained anonymous, They wouldn't have been able to find out it was me.

Does it pay to be honest? of course it does, it can hurt, hurt like hell... It doesn't pay as well as Shawn gets paid, but who wants to make his money that way? about a zillion other lawyers.

Jackie is indeed a pubic figure...there was no malice in what I did...I didn't try to ruin her business or her reputation. I told the truth about encounters between her and I, and my reaction to them. If they were unpleasant to her...tough shit. I didn't much enjoy them either.

Had I said things about her business, her products or dealings in private e-mails or public... presented her in a negative light to customers so as to harm her business, in ways she could substantiate...then I would have done a no no. That's what she did to me, not the other way around.

I know now why Shawn startled me one morning in the cafe when he popped up at my side, fresh from the airport, with my subpenis in his hand. He said you could never rely on the guys who serve subpenisis, so he'd come himself.

I accpeted his subpenis, and read it. he stood there, briefcase in hand waiting. I think he was hoping I'd pass out when I came to the two million part. I'd come to, and he'd probably offer to have a cup of coffe and see if we couldn't "fix" this thing.

That's been his legal "strategy" all along. He has known every step of the way that the things he was doing didn't have a hope in hell of succeeding...he'd just drag the billing process out, then get us to agree to anything. He'd look like a hero in Jackie's beady eyes...a richer hero.

That's why he shot back a long letter when Lincoln told him I'd tried to contact him. he felt sure I was "softening" and his chance had finally come.

Earn it fella...earn it for a change.

-- panch
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