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Posted by panch from pool0011.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, July 12, 2002 at 8:59AM :

We've been funneled down this path like cattle without even questioning the very premise that has us all running for cover down a blind alley. There aren't any Terrorits...none. There were no Communists. There were poor and landless peasants and middle class students and colege professors who could clearly see that AT&T, United Fruit...several mining companies and other US businesses were manipulating countries all over South America...who tried to inform their own people as to how their countries were being robbed and corrupt politicians being "elected" into office. The United States got away with framing the debate...deciding that these people were Communists when hardly any of them knew the first thing abour Marx or Mao.

Once they managed it, once they got the American people firghtened and mistrustful and unleashed fear and paranoia among us...our government could do as it pleased, topple governments, mine harbors, scourge and kill "rebels" and we backed them up to the hilt. I remember an ex-Marine speaking to a group of us at the University of San Francisco back in 1967. He'd just returned from a tour of duty at a place I barely knew of called Vietnam to warn us that we would soon be in an even bigger war and it was all for the sake of Coca Cola and other companies looking to monopolize markets.

It was an old trick of this country's business interests to plant first their missionaries, then bring in money to invest in "mission work", such as the Dole family in Hawaii. Natives would be encouraged to seek employment, resentment would flare up among the brighter lights who resented the land grabs and the bribes, till eventually some enterprising soul would speak out and rally others and perhaps, if the company was lucky, a raid or destruction of company/mission property would ensue...and appeals would go out to the government back home that American innocent lives and property were at risk from "dissidents" and "troublemakers"...which would get the press back home, most of it yellow, to issue calls for the protection of American citizens abandoned in foreign lands...and the Marines would be despatched to "quiet" the situation. After that this country could do as it pleased and god help the godless communists to be if they tried to resist farther.

That sceanario has been played out countless times and the corporations have always had, as their fall back position, that you do enjoy eating pineapples don't you...WELL??? As if there was no other way to get the damn fruit except through chicanery and murder...like we couldn't just have bought the things without causing mayhem. And corporations still maintain that they do what they do for our benefit, because they like us...like all the sons of bitches who just got through robbing their own people, their own loyal employees. Who needs Osama when you've got Wall Street and Cheney and Bush.

Three thousand died...but the lives of millions of Americans have been blighted and ruined by our own corporate and financial types with the FULL support of the Bushies, no matter how much they weep about it now and show contrition. Not a one of the bastards is going to give back the money they stole. In the process, just to add insult to more injury, we've gutted our own Treasury and rushed to pass laws and grant enforcement powers to a government we know already can't be trusted.

There are no Terrorists, like there were no Communist insurgents anywhere. These were labels we were only too glad to affix to people who merely wanted a fair shake and were driven to distraction by our own international Secret Police and the collusion with corrupt forces within the countries themselves always eager to make a buck...which made sure to encourage and fund the worst elements they could find so they'd have horror stories to tell us back home and we'd be only too happy to lump them all together as enemies of Uncle Sam...godless Communists you could then do anything you wanted to in "defense" of our way of life.

Israel controls nothing in America, not a damn thing. The largest Banks in the world are all run by Christians etc. This most Christian government knows how to manipulate and how to use. While claiming that we are great friends of the Israelis, we've maneuvered them into position as the ones to blame, using anti-Jewish feelings that have not reccceded in the least to get us all secretly hating them some more, when it's the same Uncle Sam and his murderous little nephews calling the shots, deflecting suspicion from themselves.

Now we have Terrorists to hate and blame for any resistance to our policies anywhere in the world. What recourse do people in other countries have? In the case of the Palestinians, what are they supposed to do when the United States ignores resolution after resolution seeking to get Israel back to where it belongs. Here we are afraid to come under the jurisdiction of the ICC and threaten to wreck the whole thing...yet the Palestinians are supposed to be silent when Israel refuses to cooperate with the UN. Who are the Palestinians supposed to turn to?

If they fight back in the only desperate and "suicidal" way they can...are they to be condemned for that too. They are being murdered...they can't even commit suicide without being censured while they watch the world do nothing to those who commit murder? Would the United States ever follow such a course of inaction they force on others?

There are no Terrorists, yet the word gets bandied around like it's a proven thing. Anyone anywhere who resists can be labeled a terrorist sympathizer. Where once congress was at least distressed by unilateral American action taken against countries, such as mining their harbors...now we say it loud and we say it proud...we will give ourselves permission to do anything to anyone...and anyone resisting will have been proven, just by resisting, to be a Terrorist...to our satisfaction, and we are all that count. We're going to be hated some more, and targeted some more...and that suits the Bushies just fine...look how much they've profited from just 3000 dead...look at how much was profited from 55, 000 dead in Vietnam.

In the long run we just get stupider as a nation...more frightened than we need to be, and all of it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy as we take more steps down a depressing road that will require us to become even more paranoid and fearful.

We're all talking about something that doesn't exist...Terrosists...like they were some world wide movement, exactly what we were told Communism was. It was the greed and rapaciousness of American capitalists, in cahoots with American military might that made enemies for this nation...in both cases.

None of this is being done to protect us little citizens, or for our benefit. That girl in a sweatshop in Indonesia isn't saving us a penny on the price of a shirt at Macy's...all the profit goes to the manufacturer, we still get screwed, and so does she.

American schools are doing a fantastic job, they really are. How else could you make this many people this pig ignorant?

-- panch
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