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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, July 12, 2002 at 11:28AM :

In Reply to: nice make-over, pancho posted by Lilly from ? ( on Friday, July 12, 2002 at 10:37AM :

: The site, I mean... it's refreshing.

: Note to Shawn: if I ever meet you, Mr. Leuthold, try not to act surprised when (NOT "if") I throw up. I'm sure it's not an uncommon response...

THAT's our Lilly!! This notion that we alone of all the people in the country have to be silenced. living in dread of an Armenian half-breed and her flunkie lawyer! I mean REALLY!!!

When this is all over, I bet you the bank that I can say the same things about my experience with Shawn and there ain't a damn thing he would do about it...and if EVER I decided to take off after his wrong as I would be...he would never dream of extending the "misery" by giving it wider scope.

You suppose Giulliani learned anything from the Elephant Poop Madonna? You suppose our own people will ever come to realize the power of Art...or that language wasn't invented for begging, or pissing and moaning? These are among the most powerful tools ever created and every civilzed Jew and Protestant and Catholic knows that.

What has stunned the world and given the lie to our detractors, who would promote the idiotic notion that Assyrians were bloody barbarians, more than our exhumed art...revered and respected and marvelled at around the world?

What people on earth owe more to even the small percentage of the exhumed art we produced millenia ago? Whose written words, still presevred on clay tablets by the thousands...laying around undecipehered for years now...revealed the stories and myths we can see were taken from us by them intelligent Jews who even back then knew how to turn a trick...and power to them?

It amazes me no end that there has been so little interest in reading what sits in vaults. You know damn well that had they been Hebrew texts, or Hindu there'd have been a museum and several universities and movies made about them and containing them. I was stunned to learn that the ancients had the kind of cuisine they did...when that aged French Assyriologist published his book some ten years ago and then promptly dies before narsai could get a hold of him...a book detailing the hundreds of kinds of appetizers alone Sennakherib had at table...the variety of breads etc. Locusts and wild honey was Jewish take-out...the Assyrians had a refined and complex palette...but when do you find books that go into these intricacies...when indeed.

Not us...boy not us! Our one boney headed expert Paul Younan is busy trying to prove the Jews invented the Assyrians...and all us good Assyrian Christians are more or less ashamed of those great people. What Jew is ashamed of Lot and his diddling ways?

Ah well. The current stock of Assyrians for the most part are mostly apologists...making excuses for our "bad" showing years and years ago...what can you hope for from people who think like that? It's the born again Assyrians, the neo-Assyrians, NOT re-packaged ones... who will hold this Heritage in their hands...they'll be the ones to figure out if there is any meaning in being Assyrian in the modern era. All I've got in my hands is a years supply of Jackie's subpenisis.

Only we think it's of paramount importance to argue over which language we declare surrender in...or use on our National Tombstome Question.

But...I cannot take credit for the new the risk of getting Jeff hauled off to Guantanamo for aiding and abetting the Taliban in it's dastardly plot to ruin our Nayshun by installing Jackie Bejan at the head of our remedial humanities class, thereby driving her jumbo jet arse into our twin tower balls...let me fess up right here and now that this new look was brought to you courtesy of the convict formerly known as Jeff Atto...the Abused Childe of Chaldea.

With "time off "Jeff should be out in time to go back in.

What are friends for?

-- panch
-- signature .

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