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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, July 12, 2002 at 11:53AM :

Shawn said I was no poester boy for the ACLU. I beg to differ...I don't beg at all...I differ cause I DON'T beg...the ACLU isn't set up to defend the rights of the matrons of society. It's there, especially in Free Speech, matters to protect the Constitution...not to approve of any poster boy scout. The ACLU would not have "liked" Larry Flynt of Hustler magazine, had he needed their help. They aren't Assyrian Christians...they weren't set up to defend "friends" and prosecute "enemies"...not on a personal level anyway. Their interest is in protecting the rights of the unpopular, even unsavory, minority...America was not intended to become a tyranny of the majority over any minority, but to protect the rights of the minority because in those guarantees lay the rights and civic health and well being of the everybody...(don't think about it too much if you don't want to).

I'd bet that in this case of internet freedom of speech, I once again wouldn't even have to put in an appearance...that the court itself is not about to make bad Law by granting that loon and her side-kick whatever she asks for to protect herself from the fallout of her own actions. Just as I didn't have to be in court to defend myself on the ridiculous charge that I was threat to her bouncing baby cars or her.

No court in its right mind is going to issue a restraining order based on a woman's addenoidal constitution and game playing. There is such a thing as judicial review that can come back and haunt a judge who would make such a silly ruling. It's hard enough to get those things issued and enforced against real life skunks who stalk woman and kill grant Jackie her silly request. The court saw it for what it was...intimidation on her part...and her lawyer knew it all along. He would have been shocked himself if the judge had granted it...yet Jackie informed people that there WAS a restraining order...just because she ASKED for one...which isn't how you get an orgasm either.

But I will show up this time. The burden of proof is on them to prove I abused her right to privacy. It would take a Shawn to argue that having your own TV show didn't "necessarily" make one a public person. I think I am excellent material for a poster boy for the ACLU, if it comes to that. No jusge is going to slap any restraints without some pretty solid evidence that there was no basis in fact for what I alleged being NOT true...for what I can prove...just as they aren't going to set the silly precedent that a guy can be hauled across country to a state he's never been in by a woman he's never met becasue her lawyer has "reason to believe"...and "alleges". let him allege himself up his arse...the only thing we know for a fact is that he is unscrupulous and out to get as much money from Jackie as he can...not giving a shit what this does to our "community" in the frantic hopes that he can scare us into settling out of court so he never has to put his mouth where his money is.

-- panch
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