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Posted by panch from pool0215.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 1:25AM :

This guy does the equivalent of yelling out from behind closed doors...YOU??? Afraid of YOU??? You must be joking!!! What's to be afraid of??? "Don't you dare come in here and ha ha, you don't know who I am"...and I'll be damned if I'm coming outside either...so THERE!!!

.......PanchSlayer on 12 Jul 2002 21:04:40:

As an answer to: How Scared Can You Get? written by pancho on 07 Jul 2002 17:08:22:

>It can't be fear alone that prompted it. I think they feel compelled
>to silence the opposition...or rather any opposing voice.

Opposition? You? You would be opposition to the The Venerable, Very, Verily, Vital, Silly Party of Cornwall, England. Holy guacamole! how much of an inflated self-worth can you have?

You know the real reason you are banned from AINA -- and this is just conjecture on my part -- is because you are the most annoying waste of time, pure and simple. You respond to every post, but your responses are flippant, immature, irrelevant and unsolicited. You are the Forum equivalent of junk mail, or that Sears Catalog that people use for toilet paper. If you just would SHUTUP and only say things that are relevant and meaningful, you would not be banned. As it is, your are just static, and people don't like static. Your posts have no valuable information content -- just annoying collections of letters and punctuation marks masquerading as thoughts and ideas. You might as well post your responses like this:

asl kl kasj. asd fa s 93n l3498 *^*$#* laasd. lakskjhufoi lieh ldin idsini oicgj! (*&2.

See? That's what people see in a Fred Parhad post -- garbage.

++++I don't think he likes me.

-- panch
-- signature .

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