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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 11:57AM :

In Reply to: Number to contact - John Does posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, July 12, 2002 at 12:27PM :

It would seem that Jeff is in good company. There have been other Jackie's many of them that these laws and foundations have been set up to protect our rights. I always knew she was dangerous...I didn't realize that many people knew just how much.

But still...Jeff's case has an even more bizzare twist. In e-mails sent to him she fairly gushed all over him...called him our nation's and her..."Dear Hope". She told him to consider her home his own when he visited California...signed off with "hugs and kisses". Now Jeff is only human and this was a guy barely nineteen at the time. The kid can sweat like the rest of us...get hot and bothered. Who wouldn't be moved to fantasize when a married woman with three grown cars writes to you like this (and more) from across the country, having never seen his nose?

This is almost child molestation...of a verbal teasing "come hither" kind. I know Jeff...he has a delicate constitution...these kinds of things can drive a young fellow in full possesssion of his hormones over the edge...and NOT having met her, the chump could be fooled. He wasn't.

As he said in a letter to Shawn...after all this passionate love and heat, you'd have thought Jackie could have sent Jeff a more subdued letter something to the effect of....

Darling, scrumptious Morsel,

Oh how I long to see your thighs stride manfully across my threshold and into my I yearn to see your "Great Hope" darling Nation, under one. The promise of your strong hands, caressing my nations sends a sublime thrill along my spine and gives me courage to ask of you a National Question. Will you? Wont you....rub my Assyrianism into a flame, oh my tidbit.

And, by the way, oh puissant one...if you are in any way helping Fred Parhad to undress me in public...could you stop it please. I want to save myself for Assyria and you. So cut it out you asshole or I swear I'll sue your ass for two million big ones and I've got the money to do it with too!

Darling boy...I must be off get off too.

True Love


That would at least have given him the chance to respond first...after he picked himself off of the floor he'd melted onto. But to go from "love and kisses" to a lawsuit, without even a hint of displeasure on her part...only underscores what I've been alleging all along...that this is one mean vindictive bitch. I mean how ISN'T she a bitch by doing all of this to Jeff?

Shawn even admitted to Jeff that he knows Jeff never said or did anything to Jackie. She just wanted him to be shown distancing himself from she could tell her club members that even my firends were shocked and dismayed and running from me because of what I'd done to her highass. She was using a frivolous lawsuit and the trouble and expense she could cause Jeff to get something else she wanted. Just the kind of person to SLAP down.

This is sick...but better to know it and have it exposed than to smooth it over so the rot spreads.

-- panch
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