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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 12:15PM :

In Reply to: Re: prayer to Ashur II posted by Ghandhi from ( on Friday, July 12, 2002 at 10:50PM :

:Stop blaming the Jews for all your ills. For 2000 years they didn't have a pot to piss in. They were not allowed to own or farm land, or run any kind of businessess Christians were in. They only made name for themselves in Banking because the church frowned on usury...charging interest for loans. And even then, to get the money to loan to anyone, they had to pick rags and try to find some value in what the Christians threw awaqy.

The Rothschild fortune was started by rag pickers who found and soon traded for old coins. Some German prince or other had several he knew nothing the Rothschild patriarch to advise him...traded with him and soon made him his finance counsellor because Jews were intimately concerned with finance...cause you need money to feed your family with. From that the prince took to borrowing from the Jew until he was in his debt and THEN he rememberede Jesus being crucified and repudiated all debts to this "Christ-killer".

In time the church work up to the power and the need for Finance as did every impoverished Prince when he saw bankers and Capitalists driving around in fancier garriages than his pedifree could afford...and quickly enough Christtains got into the act, tilting the playing field in their favor...till the richest bankers and moneyelnder were all Christians...with the added benefit that they could blame all problems on the Jews, who in everyone;'s minds "controlled" everything.

There isn't an Assyrian Christian alive who isn't jealous of the Jews and wishes like hell we were as 'clever". Jealousy, plain and's one of those modern characteristics "Assyrians" are now famous for...when we used to be well known for other, nore enobling qualities.

Here's a National Question..."When is it better to die proud than live on your knees"? Is survival at any price worth it? What exactly "survives" if you have to transform yourself so much that you hardly resemble what you were to begin with?

-- panch
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