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Posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 12:21PM :

To Ashur

Posted By: Interested (
Date: Saturday, 13 July 2002, at 3:00 a.m.

1] Assyrians are religious fundamentalists. They will defend Christianity, not "Assyria" or "Assyrians."
2] Assyrians have 50 churches in North America, but not one school to teach our language and preserve our identity.
3] There are Assyrians out there who don?t know how to speak Assyrian or don?t even know who the Assyrians are.
4] Assyrians care about their picnics, churches, and conventions only.
5] Assyrians believe that acting as true Christians they will suceed..HAH!..bunch of fools.
6] Assyrians are filthy rich, from the nimrods to the dadishos.
7] And another thing, your churches are corrupt, they teach Assyrian language only for
8] Assyrians don?t understand how to put religion 2nd..and their people first.
9] The Churches have done an excellent job in dividing the Assyrian nation into 20 different pieces. So Unity? your dreams.
10] I have to give a great amount of credit to the Jewish/Zionist people. They really put an end to the Assyrians. Their Old Testament was a way to keep the Assyrians from never becoming a nation again. They did a good job.


11] I can?t believe you people actually run a message board-forum. What a waste of time.
12] Assyrians are dead in the next 20 years because their identity is slowly abolishing. Extinct. Done. Finished. Assyria died a long time ago anyways. Ever since, Assyrians turned to Christianity, Assyria fell.

SCORE: 10 True, are all correct comments.
2 False, are incorrect comments.

Result : FAILED, due to the following statement; I?m full blood 2nd generation Assyrian American
and will never declare myself as an Assyrian.

-- Jeff
-- signature .

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