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Posted by panch from pool0022.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 1:56PM :

New York Times piece admits Israeli hard liners what the situation to remain as is...back to the good old days when they held onto everyhting and could get their Settlements put up so they could eventually take it all THEN drive out all remaining Plaestinians and Arabs cause they were too "pissed" to live among.

Israelis aren't more c;ever than anyone else...never has been anything exceptional about ehm except that they BELIEVED it. This is basic garden variety dumbn stuff everyone tries to get away with.

They closed down that academic's ofice just because he might become too popular and agree to what the Israelis say they want more than anything...peace...yeah right!

The sad part is that in its rush to use the Israelis as its dogs, along with the collusion of the hard nut Right in Zion...ordinary Jews are being presented once again to the worlds lesser dummies as the "all powerful" and "all controlling" Jewish agents, Christian prejudice always painted them as.

The hardliners feel that anything will be worth getting Beirut for...that with enough land and people...along with an eager willingness to be of service to America...they will attain about the nearest thing to security any Jew could ever hope to get in this Christian dominated planet. Mistake.

-- panch
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