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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 1:43AM :

The American occupying army is in place...well that's all the IDF extension of the United States armed forces....if Arafat is
responsible for every suicide bomber, then the United States is
responsible for every murder committed by its nearest and "dearest" ally
too. Israel doen't sneeze without American permission...that's the spot
balls on truth...not this centuries old blood libel business all over
again about how the Jews "control everything"...

All of a sudden it's quiet in the if peace exists in the's the silence that allows a new status quo to become the
norm until Palestinians will again be dubbed "troublemakers" when they
can't take it any longer....with new "settlements" getting established
in new lands the Bible said belong to the Jews.

Same thing happens among us...our Leaders do as they please and when one
of us says, "get off my neck"...we're labelled the
any woman "making trouble" for her rapist.

Can you imagine the "harm" that would come from actually challenging
students to use their minds to explore the world we live in...instead of
numbing them and dumbing them into states of "Attention Deficit
Disorder"...from which the cure just happens to be the purchasing of
even more drugs...legally and oh so profitably this time.

How about "You Bore The Shit Out Of Me" syndrome...for which drugs are
not the cure.

In California the Pharmaceutical Dope Peddlers are trying to pass a
bill...well they go through the politicians for form's sake...but it's
them, that will allow psychologists and other "therapists" to prescribe
drugs for your little old mood problems. Clinically Depressed that you
keep losing jobs through no fault of your own?...feeling that your vote
can't even win your candidate an election even when he wins an
election?...baffled by what you can do to have the slightest impact on
the things that matter most to you?...well friends and neighbors step
right up to the front of the crowd and gather round the wagon... have I
got a drug for YOU!!!

Used to be only doctors and Psychiatrists were authorized to dispense
drugs...but now, to grow the enonomy and "help" you and me and little
Janey and Dick cope...a buzzword if there ever was one, a whole host of
"professionals" can speed the drugs you need quickly and without much
review either. Get rid of malpractise insurance too, cause those lawyers
are the real problem...and we can soon be safely awash in all the drugs
you'd ever want.

Who needs Bin Ladin. Buildings get knocked down only after something
else has collapsed.

-- panch
-- signature .

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