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Posted by panch from pool1101.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 1:56AM :

Reading over Jackie's lawsuit it becomes so obvious they haven't a case.
The whole thing is intended to put the fear of Jackie into us. Any
reasonable jury is going to want the simple question of "Why" answered.
Why did I write these things...why did Jackie all of a sudden and from
"out of the blue" decide, two weeks before the convention, that I could
not come...and when I came anyway, with the full approval of the
president of the Federation, who decides these things...why was I left
alone until I sold a sculpture...and then why I was lied to by Atour and
forced out...and why were my sculptures rounded up and hidden from view
and confiscated by the hotel.

Just what was behind all of this? Toss into the equation that for better
or worse...I am the one most notable Assyrian sculptor this Nation in
its Diapers has produced...and that thousands of dollars worth of my
sculpture is even now on display in both Jackie's house and Atour's
house...as well as at the AUA Toilet of a museum in Chicago.

Wouldn't a sane person ask what happened? What did I do all of a sudden
to become the object of loathing to Jackie? She may well get up there
and lie her head off...but sooner or later she'll slip on one
detail...or someone else will contradict her under oath..and coupled
with everything else...her lies will sink her on their own.

It certainly fascinates me...I mean what happened to drive Jackie
nuts...but especially what Atour and Janey Golani were thinking, if they
even were, when they went along with Jackie...a woman who holds them in
the greatest contempt.

Janey is now the object of much criticism in Detroit. People who donated
to the Hammurabi are understandably confused and angry, and are being
encouraged to direct their anger all at me...what happened to the
Hammurabi? Why did Janey's husband stop me from getting more donors at
the convention in California...why did I feel I had to destroy the
sculpture myself?

Janey has dealt with it, I am sure, by making me out to be either a
crook or unstable. if I was a crook interested in ripping people off why
did I stop? Why wreck the plaster...why not sign any damn contract Janey
wanted to give me as a pre-condition to get money from the five donors
she, and Martin Manna, said they had all ready to send. That would have
been $30,000...just like that...with more to come. Instead we were left
broke and I had to leave my children alone at Christmastime for the
first time in our lives to come to San Jose and offer to sell my
sculpture at half-price in order to feed my family. Why not BE a crook
through and through and sign the damn thing with the idea that I
wouldn't honor it anyway, or why even care so much about how the
monument is installed and all the details that go into that final act,
why not just get my hands on the cash and screw everything else?...if I
am crook, why not go all the way?

I am the villian in the piece...never them, never the ones who do these
outrageous things we've come to expect from "Assyria"...in it's Diapers

We're so used to this dismal state of affairs that people are angry at
ME for openning their eyes to it...making them "upset" because to know
about it and do nothing, is a bit troubling to their notion, gotten from
I don't know where, that they are "proud" Assyrians. Like it would
trouble this sort of a "loving" parent to be told the growth on their
child's face might be cancerous, thereby disturbing Mummy and Daddy's

And we wonder....

-- panch
-- signature .

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