Clever Sharon

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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 2:06AM :'s the lay out...Israel has re-occupied...Oslo is
are a lot of innocent people. More immigrants are being
welcomed...ferried over really. There will be new Settlements, a polite
word for theft of land...with all that this implies.

In the midst of all this comes a patently absurd bit of legislation to
make Israel into a racist state...and "surprise", moderate Jews
balk...the idea get's "miraculously shelved". What's the end result?

For one thing Sharon is cast as a "moderate"...or one who heeds the call
of democracy...we think of him as coming to his senses, backing down in
shame and embarrassment....okay okay...but what's the outcome???

Why...Israels's new occupancy and all the killing and theft are now cast
in the light of a "fall back" position...even a compromise...a "positive
development"....and the occupation doesn't look "so bad"....after
all..."how would you have felt if they'd gone all the way"???

It's like I come into your house...rape your son and daughter...then
earn your undying gratitude because I spared your return for
which I'd like permission to visit your daughter in her bedroom once a
week..."you wouldn't turn me down, now would you"??

-- panch
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