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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 10:28AM :

I marvel at the people who run beth and aina...and it's probably the same among the other forum thingies. They are each of them hidebound, their ideas fixed in cement long ago. They don't really have any ideas as's mere propaganda...a set notion they repeat over and over calculated to sway through repitition, combined with a heavy handed approach to whatever contradicts their "facts". Open ended dialogue is not for them.

It doesn't appear they have anything they want to learn...or to adapt to the world we all live in, seeking the best ways to solve any of the things they complain about and protest. At Town Hall meetings or before political bodies or heads of agencies, these people...well, they wouldn't go there to begin with.

They want to "never forget" and they repeat the same loop over and if to just broadcast your grievances, or your hopes, was enough. This could also be why they are forever frustrated, turning mean as a result, because the people they appeal to for whatever help they think will answer their needs, are nothing like they are, and why they can't even articulate their ideas anywhere else, except to say, "we were murdered and are treated unjustly today, so give us a country, give us this and give us that. Somebody OWES us...big time"!!

The people they're appealing to hardly have any use for any such as these. They see us, quite rightly, as rags you'd use to clean something with...putting us to work for them, before they'll ever "do" anything for us. This is how we always present the modern era at least.

I still think the best of us went out to do battle long ago and were killed off. We're all descended from the ones who ran or stayed behind, hiding behind the furniture...saying when confronted, "who ME? An Assyrian?? sort of depends how you define "Assyrian", heheh."

The white man does not respect people scuh as we are...hell, we don't much respect ourselves. By our own treatment of fellow Assyrians we indicate perfectly what low regard and lack of esteem we hold towards Assyrians.

Why should anyone else think more highly of us than we do of ourselves?

-- panch
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