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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 10:45AM :

In Reply to: Re: Malcolm X posted by Ashuroyo from ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 10:19AM :

Ultimately...I mean REALLY ultimately...there is no difference between any of us worth killing one child over. Until then, we'll go on finding insignificant distinctions and creating barriers out of them. Instead of seeing the other person, different from us in every way, as an interesting example of human diversity...we react like any old world savage to a "threat" because the person or his customs are not ours.

Until the day comes when a Chinese baby is as precious as any Assyrian's just going to be this competitive slaughter we've become accustomed to calling LIFE.

In a game of winners and losers where death, bloodhed and mayhem are the rules of gamesmanship...we all lose eventually.

The fields would be boring if only one kind of flower was present...I don't care how beautiful it was. Our only hope is to do as nature does...there is nothing "ugly" in nature...the harmony there comes with adaptation of a variety of plant forms because all together they make the prettiest picture and set each other off beautifully.

The garden we're planting has enough weeds as a byproduct that it chokes off every civilization eventually. We're no better than the Mongols, the Huns or the Christians....murder and greed and theft are all we've ever practised as a way to be "safe and secure". Even if you win the outside battle, that much injustice and cruelty will rot the souls of the winners. Look into the drugged eyes, the glazed and souless eyes of young people...never mind their parents.

We have this media thing to deal with clouds the issues, inflames our passions, makes us mawkish and feeble...encourages us to skim the surface of life and death issues.

Whereas one could understand the Holocaust because of the 2000 years of hatred and loathing towards Jews taught by that institution of "love", the Church...can sort of justifly the sick European mind fed on that garbage for centuries...lashing out as it did against an entire People who had in truth done no harm to anyone...what defies all logic is how the Jews turned on the Arabs, who had accepted them all those centuries the Eurpoeans were torturing them...and to add the greatest insult of all...took money and direction from the very people who nearly wiped them go inflict another kind of holocaust on people who had never been their enemies in the first place...not till that European Christian got to work.

-- panch
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