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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 12:23PM :

In Reply to: Suggestions for Zinda Magazine's weekly poll..... posted by Tiglath from ? ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 11:45AM :

We see the world as it was 1000 years ago at the other superdooperpowers who still rob, rape and murder. All that's been added is a powerful "Information Ministry", building on the bright example of Josef Goebbels'..."new News".

The Jews, alas, stepped back into those Dark Ages by "conquering" lands and setting up empires...they've only just begun...but in fairness they were forced to do it by Christians in Europe and now in America. Without the gentle "nudge" of the Holocaust there wasn't a Jew in Europe who would have traded Vienna for Haifa...especially not in 1946.

Our destiny lies somewhere else. We were always universalists...not confined by the rantings of a mad man god who behaves the better part of a blood thristy beast...a jealous one no less.

The world has to be our country...indeed had the Jews the opportunity to blend in and get along in any number of "Jewish" countries around the world, they would never have bothered with Palestine.

That's why it's absurd to imagine Assyrian Christians, at home in the burbs and slums of the West actually resettling in least for the near future. And if that is to happen at all...we still have a lot of catching up to do as a barely civilized People with anywhere near the "focus" and determination years of oppression gave the Jews...and even then only after being almost wiped out completely.

We have a lot of hot air where pride and patriotism and nationalism should be...and we really are as pleased as pigs in shit to spout off impressive sounding National Questions...makes us dizzy with insignificance.

Our best chance is to make being Assyrian "sexy", in the best sense of the word and the less strident and filled with nationalistic mumbo jumbo and "proofs" to make you constipated with, the better. being Assyrian has to be "fun" has to give pleasure and satisfaction to us, and not by wailing in "celebration" over our victimhood, or we ain't going to BE Assyrian, if we are at all already.

We need a dance company, a live ludicrous as that'll draw more people with that than with any political National Question bullshit you could come up with.

Jackie would look good in a tutu and tights. Well you don't think anyone else will be allowed to dance the do you?

It would be worth the price of admission to see her leap into the arms of Nimrod while a corpse du ballet....groaned and heaved behind them. I sure as hell would pay for that.

note: Shawn...take a break, sell some lemonade for a change. It isn't my fault that those of us who have watched Jackie walk away from us would pay to see that bottom in tights.

Come on...let's laugh at ourselves a little...lord knows crying over it hasn't done us much good.

-- panch
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