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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 4:40PM :

In Reply to: Mahajan on Carbide posted by Lilly from ? ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 4:09PM :

These are parlous times indeed. Don't blame our corporations entirely. The greed at any price mentality starts with us...the consumers. Much as everyone imagines him or herself being the Lotto do we live out our fantasies through mega wealthy movie stars and now the rock stars of the corporate world...the "bad boys and naughty girls" of the executive suite...after all, "that could be me" we're led to yearn...even though the chances are far, far greater that we'll get laid off than promoted to the top.

You don't get rich in this society by working. You get there by working money, manipulating the money of others...lots and lots of others. We're the ones that encourage it...also by our inattention to what really matters in legislation and not the silly bells and whistles they get us worked up about.

Who cared back when that congress made it almost impossible to sue corporate types personally for their crimes...who even noticed the passage of new laws...and now, billions made by them and lost by us later...they come back with a touch of what we already had.

But the scariest thing is this terror nonsense and its twin, "homeland security". This is Fortress America...and white America at its early stages. This is some of the scariest stuff ever to happen here...and all of it is unnecessary. There ARE no terrorists...none but what we have carefully groomed and supplied and driven to distrac tion...a carryover from the Cold War Fright. We trained the Taliban and used them to fight the Soviets for that Freedom Pipeline trhough Afghanistan...then we left them to prey on that blighted society you'd have thought we would have rewarded for having fought the "good fight" against the Communist Pipeline through Afghanistan. We gladly undermined any moderates in the country, as we've done everywhere else...because the extremists provide the justification we'll need,.

They may not have known the date and time and target...but they were counting on a reaction of major enough scope as to justify our bringing the Democratic Pipeline to Afghanistan.

Same with Iraq...that's our boy up there gone "rogue" on our "shock" and "dismay". How well he stumbled as he was supposed to, providing untold rewards for the handful of oily bastards who now from our "government"...the one they stole in that election decided by the Supreme Court....and the guy's brother in Florida.

No one looks, no one asks, no one bothers. When you're senile to begin with, you're too senile already to understand you're senile.

When we operate with this kind of definition of what it means to be a "good" be "patriotic", to be a "realist"...then we're too far gone to begin to know how far off we inadequate our definitions are, and more than they will continue us down the same destructive path we think to going down it even faster and harder.

-- panch
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