United States Makes Strategic Shift.....

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Posted by panch from pool0690.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 4:49PM :

...in traditional ways to amend United States Constitution.

Whereas before, political action groups faced the daunting task of securing a two-thirds vote in both houses of congress as well as ratification by three-quarters of the state legislatures...a new method for streamlining this procedure has been instituted.

While this procedure is only to be used in times of "National Security" threats of the utmost gravity...nonetheless those conditions are not difficult to create on an "as-needed" basis. And once found...all other necessary legislatioin can follow easily enough, once the "emergency" changes are made to that pesky document.

The new ways consists in finding 17 to 34 hairy individuals to attack the United States...the more low-tech the better because it spreads the "Oh Shit" factor.
Once this has been achieved, the Constitution can be safely bypassed and those who manage to seize the government will find themselves able to rob widows and orphans with impunity...especially "suspicious" widows and " left-leaning" orphans.

Who needs the Constitution...to change the Constitution. A few camel jockeys will do.

-- panch
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