What ABOUT Simele???

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Posted by panch from pool1018.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Tuesday, July 16, 2002 at 9:35PM :

I don't want anyone to get the idea that any of us are not sorry and troubled by the loss of Assyrian lives there, and everywhere else. At least my reason for asking this non-question is to ridicule those who I feel are being equally facetious on the other side when they wail about the victims of that tragedy...of that murder, of that atrocious act of inhumanity...which nonetheless can find its equal among all the horrible people we are...who do these horrible things to each other and ultimately ourselves.

From my perspective, watching and listening to these professional wailers and whiners...who have learned nothing, care to learn nothing...and, I suspect, have an unhealthy and morbid desire to build something pleasant on top of a mass grave...I am not convinced of their honesty, sincere though they may be.

I would take their tears and wailings seriously if I saw any evidence that they care, first of all for Human life period...no matter whose it is. Second, if they cared for all Assyrians, and not just Christian Assyrians...and third, if they were as concerned for the Assyrians killed by fellow Christians, as they pretend to be for those killed by Muslims or Turks...and fourth, if they didn't draw the ridiculous distinction between Assyrians of some arbitrarily chosen "north"...and profess great concern for them...no doubt because there are no Christians doing the killing and deportations and other acts of aggression towards Assyrians there...while ignoring the more drastic plight of the Assyrians in the south because, once again, it is Christians who do the bombing and the starving and the "relocation"...into graves, of the Assyrians there.

And last of all...the idiotic notion that life for Assyrians of the "north" can improve and be secured somehow, while ignoring the plight of everyone else in the country...is the crowning touch of a Barbarism we think is fine and dandy when leveled at those we don't "like", or can't use. I would venture to say that's exactly the feeling our "enemies" hold for us...and as long as one side feels that way, the other has all the justification sick minds need...

Our religious fanatics bring up Simele and the martyrs, not out of any inherant concern for their murder...for they seem impervious enough to all the instances of murder going on all around us involving our people...not to mention the out and out neglect that will make many a refugee in a camp somewhere a martyr...as will Lina become a rallying cry for them. But maybe not. They will weep, certainly...but not too much and not for too long...not for Lina

Christians had the chance to save this one...

-- panch
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