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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 8:08PM :

In Reply to: what? posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 11:37AM :

: : If any of that was true, you wouldn't have responded with your ridiculous proprietary claim to being the ONLY one truly raped because you were penetrated and I wasn't. That distinction hardly makes the case for "genuine" rape.

: xxx Actually, I've several friends who were raped.

+++++Jeez...I might have ever heard of "holier than thou"...well you're "rapeder than though".

One was raped at a slumber party by her friend's brother's friend, who was also spending the night at the house. She was only 14 when it happened, she didn't know the guy at all, & she was suicidal all through high school until she found supportive friends & pulled herself out of her past... & I have 2 other friends who were raped by their boyfriends, one ending up pregnant & having the child. A lot of women have been raped, & I know I'm not the only one.

: xxx I was making the distinction clearer for you between slander & rape. Metaphorically, slander could be considered a "rape," but you were getting into the woman's apparent sexual behaviours, & then trying to make the connection to a physical rape. She may have "raped" you in one sense, but not the other.

++++Drear Twit...what is this conversation about?

You were writing as if she did both... & it was disturbing me, because it seemed as if you were indulging yourself in some imaginary physical "rape" scenario between you & her too much.

+++++Do all your friends either rape you...your friends...or gag?

: : Next thing we know the person gang raped will claim yours was no big deal...

: xxx A gang raped individual would have had a worse experience than me. A lot of people have had worse experiences than me.

+++Now I find that very humble of you...I also don't think it can possibly bne true. You're far too modest.

: : You have staked out the Land of Abuse as yours. Don't put on airs.

: xxx I'm not putting on "airs." I don't want to be in the Land of Abuse. Just because I'm frank with you does not mean that I want attention.

++++Now you're FRANK??

When I made a big deal about the abuse you went through at the hands of a certain woman not being a physical "rape" it was because you were slandered. I don't call it a rape, what that ex-boyfriend did to me - I call that the manifestation of his being an immature, spoiled brat who thought the whole damn world revolved around him... & I was so naive, I couldn't see through it, esp. since he claimed to be my friend & acted the part occassionally.

+++++Please...DON'T tell us which part he played with occasionally

: xxx & NO, pancho, I don't think the whole world "wants" me, & I don't want to be put on a pedestal for being a "victim." However, I DO want to be respected, not for something that happened to me, but just for being a human being.

+++That barely qualifies...unless you do more than barely qualify it. (Gee...ain't I clever?)

You were treating me like a "bug" (as you say). Put a flame on her rear, & watch her squirm. What the hell? Would you like me to call your shenanigans a "rape," too? Obviously, your tricks were not a "rape." BUT they were the product of childish behaviour (which I admit I exhibited too at some points in our discussion).

+++I feel truly humbled. Okay, only you were raped. I give in.

-- panch
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