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Posted by Ghandhi from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 9:12PM :

In Reply to: Oy vay!! posted by Jeff from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 7:20PM :

: : Hey Pancho! Why are you dragging and stretching a conversation to advertising about the Jews soon as somebody is writting about the Zions? few months ago I watch a program named "Rally against the war and Racism" on C-Span, Even jewish clergies were against the Zions.
: : If you like them so much why don't you go to the nearest Temple find a Zion Rabbi and kiss him on his Ass, not on the right cheek, not on the left cheek , but right in the middle.
: : A Jewish historian has written a book about the complete history of persian Jews, he has included all kind of shit about The Assyrians. Here An Assyrian Artist like you is campaign for them in An Assyrian Forum, No wonders,Assyrians are loosing the battle!

: Ghandi,
: It is clear to me, and it should be clear to you, that Fred is not defending Zionism or the Zionists.

: Zionism does not = Judaism!

: You have to realize that, or you have missed the whole point. See the following web site for more information:

This not the point that they are good or bad people. There are goods and bads in every nation.The point is they don't have any good things to tell about us. So why people like fred are doing so much propaganda for them.It's been known how much they hate us as a nation.We are not as bad as fred thinks.
We have been murdered as a nation only by ottamans and Taymour the Lang just because we were Christian or may be we were on their way.But, Jews were murdered because for what they were doing! Babylonians,Egyptians,Romans,Russians,Nazis ,Arabs and God knows who is next.Somebody should Warn them.
They have Taken our God , Our Language, Our History, Our Culture yet they are trying to push us down below, For Some reason somehow I have learned Hebrew, I have been in their gatherings and events without been idenfied as an Assyrian, It happened A persian Jewish girl was in love with an Assyrian boy , Fred should had been there and hear for himself what the fuck they were saying about us all Assyrians or may be he has forgoten what Ross was writting about us!

-- Ghandhi
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