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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 9:15PM :

In Reply to: Its all about the "Darkies".... posted by Nahrain from ev-01-lr30c.Stanford.EDU ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 6:45PM :

I LOVE this story!! You know who the Americans are who really count? We all know who they are. They're the ones who let us in...who tolerate us as long as we bleach our souls...none more so than the ones among us still so thrilled to be allowed in the front door....fearful of being "too ethnic".

The ones that count are the white Anglo-Saxon Protestants of old. The ones who've managed to so ruin three-quarters of the world's countries, and have then magnanimously agreed to take the best workers from those counties into "their" country...and to put you all to work, and into their military so they can get you to go fight for them too...often attacking the lands that gave your People life.

Watch it next time you throw your arms around a brother or sister and squeal in delight...and god forbid, speak "that" language...take your pick. Watch it if you have an argument in public with a cousin and you begin to act like.....Assyrians, instead of like proper folk. Did they create snitches ands snoops to flush out the Tim McVeighs??? Course not...what was wrong with him?

Some tight ass, white ass honky with a poker up his pink ass and thin blue lips and watery eyes is going to decide that you're "suspicious"...and they're right...we show a very decidedly suspicious inabiliity to die and walk around anyway.

Our chickens too will come home to roost. I remember a story in the news four years ago about a white guy in Turlock picking a fight with three Assyrians because he was sure they were making fun of him in "that" language. Luckily the police didn't take it seriously...then.

Some years back courts in California ruled that Hispanics could not speak Spanish on the job...that English was to be the language of choice. What name will "Ross " adopt now...will he get a conk? Blue contact lenses? Will we allowed to speak in "that" language? don't suppose our Assyrianism could be compromised by THIS country??? But..."sir,,, we are Christian!!!"

By God if ever people deserved to be hoisted on their own pricks it's us.

-- panch
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