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Posted by Ghandhi from ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 0:19AM :

In Reply to: Re: Is this a jewish forum? posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 8:36PM :

: If you read carefully you'll see I love America while I detest it's stupid crass and violent side. I love the ninety per cent of the things I know about them...and hate like hell the other things...things, as you say, other Jews find reprehensible.

: But I see what the white Christian man is doing...I see him playing the "Jew" card again as he so often has...using our own prejudice against us. On one level Jews are no different than anyone else...on another level they show me what can be accomplished, against all, and I mean ALL odds...when a People stay true to their ancestral ways.

: Old Yahweh of the Testicles was no more civilized than Ashur, a lot less so. But today we Assyrians smile apologetically when we consider how "prmitive" all that Ashur and Ishtar nonsense was...soooo damn happy to have dumped it all for this reject of a Jewsih sect even THEY didn't want...while the Jews remained faithful and did their damndest to civilize the old coot.

: No, it isn't a Jewish site...but it isn't a stupid Assyrian site either.

Better offff a stupid Assyrian site.
You are making money because of that primitive ASHUR or ISHTAR Idea. Don't go over the limit, according to the Jews Fred Parhad is still a bloody Assyrian that his ancestors drunk wine in their holly cups.

-- Ghandhi
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