Congratulations On Saving Afghanistan

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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 11:46AM :

Full page article in the Chronicle about "what a difference e year makes" of "happy" Afghani kids...women in school...marketplace full of people we presume are shopping like mad....

Let's not forget the Russian war against them years ago...the one in which we trained the Taliban to fight godless Communism.

The Russians weren't fighting over ideology, neither were we backing the Taliban as "freedom fighters". The Soviets wanted oil fields and did we. After the Soviets were defeated we neglected the ravaged country, even helped the Soviets with their problems...sabotaged Moderates in Afghanistan as we do everywhere else in the Muslim world, then stood by wringing our hands as the Taliban took over. It's funny...I mean what kinds of "violence" we tolerate, what human rights abuses are okay... and when we decide it's time to step in and bring Democracy to the fore.

Conditions got worse and worse...till we declared a war against the entire country for not being able to get rid of our one time allies , gone "rogue"...just like in Iraq. And now...just a few thousand dead civillians later...we are the saviors of the Afghani people. And we'll get that pipeline.

Africa wil be next. They're being allowed to kill each starve to suffer generation after generation, to be wiped out and weakened by diseases...till someday down the line we'll come in there too to "save" them. This kind of saving means saving them to be swallowed by us.

I don't hate America at all. It is this business class run amok that so obviously seized power any way it could...they are the ones who hate American institutions and Constitutional guarantees.,..they are the ones robbing retirees and orphans and widows...they are JUST the kind of people Hammurabi instituted that Law Code to protect his people from. We've allowed them to seize power and trick us and beguile us all with a bit of wealth tossed our way, while they gut the treasury...borrow in our name to fund their bottom lines AND ruin our "way of Life" that's supposed to be so enviable.

Bush hates America, not me.

-- panch
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