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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 12:52PM :

In Reply to: Re: Trust fund ... seriously posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 12:20PM :

I really think our people resent the idea of any artist of ours "making money". I know we all expect to be paid well for our work outside the community...but we have this aversion to paying someone for work that should be done "from the heart" .

It's sort of like having to pay for sex...or call it "love" if you want to. It just doesn't seem right. Someone should freely give of her or himself...they shouldn't receive any money for it.

This of course means we have only amateurs where we need true professionals to get us out there in ways that don't embarrass us. Imagine insisting that the surgeon who operates on your child HAS to be an amateur. Do we want amateurs in ANY of the professions we deal we want an amateur airline pilot...ship's captain?

Is it really loving your child, or your Heritage, when you insist on NOT paying the people you expect to give their best in services you need?

I'll come back to our peculiar brand of Christianity and what it has meant for us living in the real world...not a monastary. "Pride" in general is frowned upon....when it isn't re-defined. To have pride as our kind of a Christian is to be proud of how well we endure humiliation and loss. It is "false prise" to revel in what our ancestors achieved...I mean they were pagans for god's sake...and oh so cruel...unlike ANY Christian entity has ever been. We HAVE to be convinced that we are far better off, even as Assyrians, once we betrayed our own religion. That's a tough "sell" unless you get a hold of Julia when she's young enough.

That's why I say we are set against Assyrians...with all our energy, our thoughts, our time and our resources dedicated instead to being Christians, and not one kind of Christian but a bewildering array of "true" Christians (making us all "false" Assyrians). That's fine if we want only to be Christians. But Christianity is well served around the god, what DON'T they own? Who does anything for Assyrians...who even knows we exist?

That's the one major flaw in Father Benny, for me. As much of an Assyrian as he is...if the Pope sends him to Africa...he will go. Are there not enough priests to send to Africa that the one civilized Assyrian we have has to do a Pope's bidding? Who on this planet is dedicated to Assyrians...AS Assyrians?


-- panch
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