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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 2:34PM :

Kurds first came to Assyrian circa 1050 A.D., when they were installed there to act as a buffer between Persians and Turks. Assyria (north Iraq) is not their ancestral homeland, it is ours.

++++What the goes.

++++ That's almost 1000 years ago...I suggest you get over it. You came to Chicago ten years ago...whatever. The land you bought your house on was stolen by the European Christians just a few hundred years ago...the white man installed himself there between the Natives and everyone else. This is the ancestral homeland of the people whose lands were stolen so you could later "buy" the stolen goods.

+++Possession goes to those who take, and has never been awarded to those who piss and moan. People like you, are accepted as guest workers...the only meaningful status they will ever attain. You are allowed to be an honorary white man so long as you behave and no one turns you in. Don't get above haven't done a thing as an has never crossed your mind...thank Ashur,

+++Keep givin it away free, honey..if you had to "sell" it, you'd starve.

-- panch
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