Old Gitmo

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Posted by panch from pool0637.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 2:56PM :

That's the nick name for Guantanamo...the American military base that's been on the island of Cuba all the years Cuba has been a "threat" to US! Stand back and look at that sublime piece of idiocy from Washington if you want to judge how "sane" we are as a nation...and what we accept uncritically as "truth"... if they just manage to scare us out of our wits enough.

If I should disappear all of a sudden, look for me there...held incommunicado with other terrible "threats" to America, while the biggest threat of all occupies the White House.

They didn't realize how appropraitely named the House Un-American Activities (HUAC) was back in he fifties. They thought, and so did everyone else, that it meant they would ferret out acts done against America, threats made by school teachers and writers and artists. What is clear now, is that THEY were the ones engaged in un-American activities by the very nature of the committe they ran to railroad innocent people whose backs a lot of shady and crooked politicians hoped to ride into office and into our Treasury on...as even the courts later overturned many of the things they rushed to do then because everyone was terrified of being called a "pinko".

They've managed it again...and just like then...certain ones of us who say the "wrong" things...who laugh too loud in a language or in ways and at things these bleached white people feel threatened by...and off we might go. What do you change now, "Ross"?

And just like before...after we come to our senses a little, I will be released somewhere down the road...and a future politician among them will say it was a "shame" the country engaged in "questionable" actions against its own citizens...same politician who will apologize to the people of Iraq, and anywhere else the franchise gets established.,,before roaring on and doing the same damn thing again on some other pretext and to another country no one will dare challenge then either.

Either that or some Christian guy is going to be encouraged to shoot me in the head, "For Jesus". And he'll believe it too. That's what's so handy about these here religions. If they don't get you one way, they'll find another.

-- panch
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