Suppliers of Weapons to Palestinians

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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 8:12PM :

We find that some Israeli soldiers and Settlers have been selling bullets and such to Palestinians. Now there's a twist...providing bullets and guns to have their own people killed with?

What would the Israelis done if the Muslims HADN'T attacked them in 1967? What would they have done if the Arab world had welcomed them, but expected them to maintain the boundaries of '48? Where would they have brought additional Israelis to? What about the ones they brought from Africa...the ones from Eastern Europe...what about all the ones born since then?

Did Haliburton have nothing to gain from the aftermath of 9/11? How about everyone else who's swallowed up the "Peace Dividend" since then and hocked our future for the foreseable future?

Scary isn't it? Interesting isn't it? Preposterous to suggest, isn't it? Conspiracy Nut theorist huh? Paranoid Huh?

Watch all the experts scrambling to reassure us about their "newer and kinder" you suppose any of them have anything to gain by convincing us it's okay? Can a new drug be far behind that will be tailored to increase our "unbridled and unreasoned enthusiasm for ourselves and our way of Life"? Hasn't Julia swallowed a dose where Christianity is concerned?

We would never have believed Johnson could have lied to get us into a war with the devastating impact that one had on us and others. We never mention it..don't want to confront the awful reality it hints at. You have any idea how many times this peace-loving nation has sent its armies to land on foreign shores?

This "envious Lifestyle" we all enjoy, that has brought us all to the brink of having a chip installed in our children for easy tracking..."well, you want your child to be 'safe', don't you?"...this Lifestyle that leaves so many Americans in poverty or one check away from it...that still seems to require we rob the world of workers and resources and leave behind destruction and degradation in our wake...this Lifestyle we are making that few of us really enjoy or feel safe in...that gives us a haunting feeling that something isn't right when it takes so much to give so little to a few...this Lifestyle is being brought to us by people who are pocketing the lion's share of our wealth themselves plus our air, our water, our resources...not theirs.

There is enough here in America to take care of allow us to concentrate on our sociery so we can minimize the brutality we are spawning at home in pace with what we are unleashing around the world. Where's the security and enviability when 14 hairy men can wreak this much havoc on us...when a murderer or ten can scare us into locking our children away? You think a chip will save a child?

These are not ways to be safe....just as Israel has never wanted Peace among its neighbors...and neither has the United States. We are drugging turns out that religion isn't the only opiate of the masses...mass communication and the mischief inherent in it...whether in a "free market economy" or a Totalitarian State is another even more powerful Drug of Choice.

The only known antidote ever discovered is to begin to think...think for yourselves...take nothing from experts...they are not to be trusted....any mor ethan cooing CEO's or strident half-witted presidents posing as shills and "fronts" for the Corporations that back them...especially Oil Interests.

All this turmoil in the Mideast for the last 50 years has been over petroleum...and not for "your sakes" either. The final nail in your own coffins comes when they manage scaring you so badly that you believe you can't afford to ask tough questions, of yourselves too...when that's the ONLY hope we have as people on one planet being robbed and plundered by multi-national Theives and murderers....who use a part of their ill gotten goods to provide us with their version of our reality.

Sure thing Julia...go looking in the heavens for God...never mind that guy groping up your leg down here.

What would Sharon do if Palestinians didn't have the guns to kill Israelis with...what would he do if he couldn't plant a bunch of "Settler targets" out where they might hopefully get killed? What excuse would he have for killing Palestinians...stealing their lands so he could "grow Israel" and fulfill divine prophecy???

No wonder these guys all believe in Religion...doesn't pay NOT to.

-- panch
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