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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 9:31PM :

It's personal in a way...but not really, in another way. When you make a public testicle of yourself, for better or worse, what you're in for, reflects on others. Ask the Jackster after the trial if you don't believe me.

Shawn... SHUT UP!!!

Michael Lash is a Jew. He also thinks Assyrian art is magnificent and the Oriental Institute is just about his favorite museum. It would seem this Jew is an "Assyrian lover". It cuts both ways.

Well...we have an Assyrian gentleman from Iraq who now lives and has a business in New York. That's all you're gonna know about him. This man has extended every courtesy to me, in this hour of need, anyone could ask of anyone. Take my word for it...I don't mean with cash, though that was certainly a part of it. I mean with understanding,...with compassion, with humor and with trust. The kinds of things Jackie never will succeed in winning on her merits alone, because they are few...her merits I mean...lots of cash to make up the shortfall though. You can't "buy" the kinds of people that count.

This genteman of OURS put me in touch with a partner of his, also a Jew, in a southwetsern city I wont mention by name because Ghandi will call him names (in all fairness I think "Attila" would have been a better "nom de fright" to NOT hide behind). They are opening an Art Gallery, brand new, in a prestigious part of this southwestern city. Was I interested in showing there? Sure...what more could I lose?

I received an e-mail from the Jewish gentleman after he'd visited the gallery at this site. What can I say...his reaction was most heartwarming...though I could wish I wasn't the cause of his having to go right outside and have a smoke. He said other things that would lead one, so harrassed by Assyrian leaders and National Questions, as I have been of feel...a little....good.

He said could I call him...would I consider being in his gallery...did I want to sell to rich people...could I call his cell phone as he was leaving for Los Angeles that moment.

I've responded already. I thanked him for his kind words...said I was not absolutely committed to dying broke in a gutter somewhere, a martyr to our Ompapatah if not Jesus....but that I had my own ideas about what Art was all about and so long as no one tried to trim my sails and just took me for my work...I was most pleased to join when they open in a couple of months.

Oddly enough it co-incides with the convention in Detroit...the one held by Assyrians where every artist we have is welcome EXCEPT me. That week, I'll be appearing in a gallery run by a Jew. And I thank him, from all of us, for his good aesthetic eye...and even his keen Jewish "instinct" for how to make a style.

-- panch
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