Drug Families Beware

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Posted by panch from pool0246.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, July 20, 2002 at 11:45AM :

Congress passed a law recently that allows government to kick families out of public housing if there are drug convictions among any members of that family...even stuff done in secret and away from home.

Our own president came close to getting kicked out of his public housing...we own the White House. And just to show there is solidarity among the Bushes, Governor Jeb Bush's daughter Noelle sat in jail for three days before being returned to her drug rehab center....for forging perscription drugs. I don't suppose the Governor and his family of druggies are looking for a new home any time soon.

There's an awful lot of cracking down and getting tought going on...and it's only going to increase as we get more and more frightened and paranoid. Remember, Hitler couldn't quite get enough backing to pass the laws his Nazi party would need until "someone" burned down the Reichstag.

Yeah, yeah...I know...never happen here...no sitting president would EVER lie to the American people and Congress to get us into a war...made on behalf of the same companies profiting from this round of mass hysteria.

Soon it's going to be enough to be charged with a crime...in their desperation people will demand all rules be bent to get the "bad guys"...never dreaming, like the Bushes didn't...that the bad guys might turn out to be their own children. The War on Drugs is a war on the American people.

What kind of satisfaction can civilized people hope for when they increasingly ignore the plight of millions of undernourished children, in mind, body and spirit...who roam our cities unrepresented, undefended, uncared for because we're too busy coddling our own little darlings...meanwhile waiting with grim determination at the other end to execute any criminal who might grow up to strangle a child of ours... we are doing nothing to prevent from becomming a criminal in the first place? What satisfaction is it to live behind bars...your children growing up fearful...tied to your apron strings by chains, or with electronic chips installed....while still outside and all around us increasing numbers of children and adults are being brutalized...sent to jails to be taught lessons...who are eventually released having learned all the wrong ones?

It didn't take an army to make a pivotal shift in American Constitutional values...rotten empires always crumble from within. It doesn't take hordes of child molesters to put the cold and clammy fear into every household.

All around us, and especially in that Constitution, we have what it takes to make any changes for the better we want to...it's all depending on us though...that's the ultimate downfall of all systems of government.

I've never voted in any election. Always said I'd wait till Fascism came to America then join the underground...silly I know. Fascism is creeping in...as free market economy is creeping into former totalitarian countries. Vote some other way...this one isn't working too well.

It isn't "choice" when you're allowed only two to choose from.

-- panch
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