Passing For White

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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, July 20, 2002 at 2:08PM :


There are enough of us non-whites, if we'd stop trying to BE white...that we could give these Crackers a run for their money.

We don't want any revolution, or anything except what the Constitution guarantees all American citizens. Equal Justice...that's all.

When Tim McVeigh committed what is still the greatest act of murder on American soil BY an one even suggested disbanding a single Baptist school...or repealing any gun laws...or closing down any of the numerous para-millitary, quasi-human "patriot" groups in this country.

No one gets arrested for speaking in a "southern drawl"...for having the characteristics of a "good "ol boy". No everything else the white man has done...he comes to us to either work us...rob our lands...or blame when the violence he spreads round the world comes round to bite his own lilly white ass. Don't go down that road...don't think you will succeed in "going along to get along". You might...but you'll give up the last vestige of being Assyrian...having betrayed the religion and culture'll run from the very name. When have we been true to being Assyrian that we're likely to fight for it now? That's the real danger we face as secular Assyrians who still have blood pounding in our veins and not ice water.

No one has suggested arresting any white faced, crew cut half-wit of Anglo-Saxon descent, and holding him in cages indefinitely with no charges filed...or submitting a single one of them to a millitary tribunal.

How come all of a sudden the rest of us have to be careful about how we laugh...or behave in come THEIR standard has to be OUR standard? Why is it even thinkable that the white citizens of this country can increase their sense of security by "suspecting" non-white American citizens? Is it easier for old Honky to pick on us...are there any more of "us" than there are of Tim McVeighs in this country???

When a Firas becomes a "Ross" because it's easier for white people to pronounce their OWN names...we commit a crime against ourselves...we will pay for in the end by helping to wipe ourselves out...far away from any Turks.

Assyrians? I don't think so.

-- panch
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