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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, July 20, 2002 at 10:24PM :

In Reply to: Arabs in U.S. could be held, official warns posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, July 20, 2002 at 3:22PM :

This has all happened to make more money for Oil corporations and other "businesses" starting well before Pappy Bush...but honed to perfection by him.... you guys really believe America was "held hostage" by a bunch of clerics in Iran...REALLY???

No one in the Arab world ever bothered with, or ever wanted to bother with the United one in Vietnam or Cuba ever wanted to bother with this one in the Dominican Republic, in Korea, in Guatemala, in Panama, in Iraq, in one anywhere for the last forty years has wanted to bother with the United States. They knew damn well that the United States is the ONLY country to drop atom bombs on sleeping women and children....who would dare!!!

There was no good reason at all to harrass the Muslim world for this long...driving a portion of them to fight back with whatever means we see the United States and its dog, Israel, willing to do. Are the Arabs NOT supposed to have the same human feelings we do? Are THEIR people...THEIR families, THEIR national pride, THEIR children, THEIR territorial integrity, THEIR children's future, THEIR economies not matter? every facet of Human existence on this planet supposed to be secondary to them...while every nuance of every benefit must be geared to satisfying the grossly disproportionate rate the rest of the world must increasingly wait upon our leisure or dance to our tune? And ask this much mayhem really needed to provide you with that "enviable" lifestyle? How come Denmark or Holland or Sweden don't need to rob that many people and conduct as many wars as this country has had to do?...because the lion's share of the profits our business class steals goes to its own profits...not to you...just as the salary of these CEO's is that many greater than anything you'll ever see in your paycheck, and STILL they come back to rob even YOU of your pensions and hard earned savings.

No...I am NOT a Muslim...neither am I a Christian. I'm not interested in playing power soccer with different team jersies stamped with the names of your gods. America's true security will come only when it stops trashing other people and their countries for the immediate benefit of power mad "bottom-line feeders"

Because if that is not so...then surely it will come right back home to haunt the rest of us who will wake up too late to see the same old Cracker Honky white man's hand behind all of this...the Man who has NEVER accepted us as equals and wont now. I guess when they haul your asses off you'll finally see it. It came as a shock to the Japanese Americans as well.

All this Terrorist bullshit...the Homelands Security, the Haliburton and countless other Sweetheart Deals..all the paranoia and fear...the errosion of civil liberties and protections...all of this damage the Repubs call "national security" is absolutely and completely UNNECESSARY...and still is.

Americans are once again jumping at their own shadows...recoiling in anger and fear at the WRONG PEOPLE because they're too dumb and gullible to figure out their own business class masquerading as a government...a "freely" elected one no using them, stealing from them, exposing them to death and mayhem...and all in the name of obscene profits for a few and minimum wage for the rest of you.

They care for you and your safety and security and well being like they care for that stream...not at all, unless it can be used to carry away their sludge. You've seen them break every common rule of decency in the pursuit of their own selfish ends...ends they couldn't achieve WITHOUT you believe that cooing voice in your ear, that arm round your shoulder, that sense of "team spirit"...and continue believing it till the day they escort you out of the building and step over you on the streets.

This was the only way left to them to maintain control, to stack the Federal Courts, the Regulatory Commissions and all the other aparatus they want to de-regulate in the name of States's Rights and freedom from government, so THEY and their business interests can raid the Treasury and skew the Laws even further to one day hand back our government to our own in-house Religious Fundamentalists.

They tried every way they could to oust the Democrats from the White House, used every dirty trick, every excuse to intimidate to harrass...and Clinton smiled them all down, cigar in one hand and Monica in the other. He out-Republicaned the Republicans and laughed all the way to multiple orgasms. There wasn't any other way but to steal the election...and the Bushes did just that.

They had to begin, however, by stealing the White House and consolidating the theft by quickly managing NOT to connect the dots...though they've certainly connected all the money-making ones.

We are being had...big time...biggest time. And we darkies are gonna pay the price THIS time...and right here in our own neighborhoods where the Honky who's been seething at what he calls "PC"., and "reverse discrimination" when its HIS ass that gets denied anything...will be unleashed to get his revenge. earned it!

note to ":Ross":...try a sex change operation next...or reverse the one you had.

-- panch
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