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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, July 21, 2002 at 10:06AM :

Are we Assyrians or..................?

Posted By: Parhad Supporter (
Date: Saturday, 20 July 2002, at 3:35 p.m.

There are many Assyrian believers today, claiming adherence to the "God
of Israel" which the Bible proclaims. They all plead "the blood" of the
Jewish Messiah, and intend to enter His Jewish Kingdom to come, which
will be centered in the Jewish City of Jerusalem, in the Jewish Land of
Israel. Yet, they rebel against the very thought of anything Jewish in
religion. There are even those who claim the Jews of Israel and of the
rest of the world, to be the "Synagogue of Satan", These believers don't
seem to realise that these Scriptures may be equally well applied to
themselves, who profess to be Jews by accepting the Jewish Messiah.

Any Assyrian reading the Bible today, should bear in mind that it was
written by Jews, Old and New Testament, who all followed and proclaimed
the Jewish Faith as commanded and initiated by the God of Israel. Jewish
Prophets of the Bible predicted the Coming of the Messiah, Who, in time,
was born from a Jewish woman, to the Jewish nation of which He became a
"citizen". He spent all of His human Life as a Jew amongst Jews in a
Jewish Land. He practiced the Jewish Faith and attended the Jewish
Temple where He was barmitzvah'd. He preached in the Temple in Jewish
worship services and died in Jerusalem with a Jewish inscription on His
Torture Stake, sardonically claiming Him to be the King of the Jews
which indeed He is, according to the Jewish Prophets of the original
Hebrew Bible.

Amazingly the majority of our Assyrian followers have missed this point
totally. Astonishingly many of us become very upset when reminded of it.

The Bible relates the history of the Jews and the purpose of God for His
Chosen nation of Jews (and all those who wish to join themselves to this
Divinely mandated Jewish Faith), and through this nation, for the entire
world - all nations. Its main theme is the Good News of the Setting up
of the (Jewish) Kingdom of the God of Israel, to rule over all the earth
with His elected "government", made up of Jews from the Tribe of Judah
together with rejuvenated souls of qualifying non-Jews who accepted both
the Sacrifice of the Jewish Messiah as well as His Jewish System which
He came to restore. Only Satan himself would accuse such a System to be
"the Synagogue of Satan", in order to conceal his own subtle
Jewish-immitation system.

Think Assyrian

++++That was refreshing....I could wish he or she hadn't made it a question of support for me. I haven't discovered anything...except that time tested way for driving people up walls...ask questions....which also happens to be about the only way you get from "there" to "here".

-- panch
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