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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, July 21, 2002 at 10:36PM :

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I've read the entire 12 volume edition I don't know how many times through. After the third reading I began to skip the fouth volume, I believe, "The Age Of Faith", which covers the three main sisters. I got tried of reading about religion...a subject I think is way overated...even though I can see it has fascinated and bedeviled Humans from the start. It isn't actually the religions themselves and what they reveal about their gods...who are nowhere near as interesting as the lusty, busty Greek and Norse ones...but more for what they reveal about the dumb clucks killing themselves and each other over this stuff.

My favorite volume was titled, "Caesar And Christ"...and I've always been a sucker for anything English....and of course the French Revolution.

But about three years ago," The Age of Faith" became my all time favorite...a miracle I much so that the 1000 page plus book split in two, then three...and somewhere along the way I lost Muhammad. An amazing task, this body of work. One of the volumes won a Pulitzer.

How I loved curling up at night ...almost as much as waking up around three, in the still of the night out there in the vineyard, to read some more. Highly recommended...though may pose a health hazzard to most. It isn't good for most people to find out how little they know...forces them into politics.

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