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Posted by Nineveh from ? ( on Monday, July 22, 2002 at 6:20PM :

In Reply to: Re: A response to... posted by panch from pool0097.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, July 20, 2002 at 10:30PM :

what panch wrote in response to Ashuriena's article:
This indeed a good and well thought out piece of writing. But the fact that Wilfred doesn{t mind posting it on Zinda, should give you reason to pause. He has said to me on several ocassions that he doesn{t want Zinda to become too personal or too involved in certain things. The San Jose people feel they are very different from the Federation crowd, the Detroit and Chicago nexus.

In fact Jackster{s Club want very much to get out of the Federation but can{t under present rules. There is something fishy going on behind the scenes...something that had to do with Atoiur kissing that big arse of Jaqckie{s and her shitting all over him when he did, even to the point of turning on a "friend" and killing a monument project for his own city...one for which he put his and his wifeīs name on the line...and smeared them both. You have to wonder why...why REALLY! And why Wilfred is willing enough to have some people trash some people on Zinda...but not really play fair with us all. It may be that trashing the Federation and certain people suits some byzantine and childish plot these people are hatching.

I asked Wilfred if he would allow reports on the lawsuit against Jackster{s Club to apper in Zinda...that as he had tripped all over himself telling us about Narsaiīs sonīs legal problems...would he give this story equal time. His immediate reply was that he didn{t know yet...meaning someone hadn{t yet told him what to "fiercely believe". His next comment was that he had simply reprinted the bit about Daniel David from another source...so much for cutting edge journalism.

My guess is that he will keep the story out of his magazine...since he IS the magazine, his views would hardly be unbiased. So there you have it...while every priestīs pecker in Australia can make it into Zinda, and every guy in Chicago who fucks up will be outed...and any Assyrian businessman who isnīt a friend or isnīt grateful enough to Wilfred can expect to be mentioned unfavorably...one of the really biggest stories, one with all sorts of ramifications and implications, will go unmentioned because it involves friends of Wilfredīs.

I have news for him...Jackie is no more his friend than she ever was mine or anyone elseīs. She has said things about Wilfred to me that no friend would ever say...and she will turn on him even faster. My saying all of this publicly is what has her staying up at nights...because her carefully contrived act of being a "friend" to all of these people is falling apart.

Sheīs told everyone the same about me...that she and I were the GREATEST of friends...and look how I turned on her...imagine then, she means, how Iīll turn on them one day.

On the contrary, I kept faith with people for years who were taking advantage of me and my work...I overlooked severeal slights for the sake of the work...not for their money, which is also what she means to say.

In reality she is describing herself...she is the one who has turned and will turn on anyone she no longer needs, and even faster if that person opposes her in any way...and really meanly if the person exposes her.

Only I fit all three categories...and thatīs why she is going crazy trying to hurt me. It will backfire on her head, it already has, as it MUST because she is so wrong...so off the wall...so deceitful and nasty that the ugly truth of her will be made as plain as day. That{s what she is paying Shawn thousands to do for her.

And he is earning every penny.

-- panch
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-- Nineveh
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