Kill The Children least

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 at 9:57AM :

Such a heartbreaking report on NPR about the children on both sides who've lost parents. The nine year old Palestinian boy, sobbing uncontolably, recounting memories of his father, killed by Israeli soldiers...the Jewish girl whose father was killed by a suicide bomber. Even in these two stories you see the painful contrats between the two sides.

The Israeli girl is at a special camp where counsellers and horse-back riding etc. are provided free of charge by Jews from America and our government. The Palestinian boy has nothing...just an emptier house...left to heal himself as best he can.

Can you imagine the hue and cry if their roles were reversed? The Israeli girl has a good shot at healing...the Palestinian boy dreams of growing strong and getting a gun.

This is worse than is becomming normal. I still don't believe Sharon wants any kind of "peace". The Palestinians have become people who kill their enemies by committing suicide...the Israelis kill people by murdering them. But it's a kind of suicide for everyone there. The only way left for Palestinians to0 fight back and save their land, is to commit suicide. The only way Sharon can steal more land is by setting his own people up...puting them in harms way as much as possible and every chance he gets. They are all committing suicide and murder on each other and themselves. Very Biblical.

Sharon is willing to pay the price in Israeli dead...think of them as unwilling civillian/soldiers whose deaths will secure more land for Israel...the holiest thing they can be killed's divine prophecy after all...what sacrifice isn't worth that?

On the Palestinian side there is suicide...a more direct kind...they kill themselves....Israeli civillinas GET killed. The Palestinians just do the Judas did what he was supposed to do, what God wanted him to do...what he couldn't have avoided doing if he'd wanted to...what he had to do in order for all of you to have your sins "cleansed".

Sharon merely usues the Palestinians as a collective Judas to get Israelis killed...because that's the only pretext he can manufacture to get more of the "promised" land...promised by whom?

These scars will never heal...not if they stop today. They aren't supposed to all nuts, Sharon sees the murder of his own people as his "best shot".

The United States benefits in every way...the rest of us all lose.

-- pancho
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