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Posted by Stella from 12-248-16-41.client.attbi.com ( on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 at 12:58PM :

Hey Jeff, so i guess for the Children's Fund, or the Mesopotamian Aid Society Fund, we're not going to be using PayPal...
The ranting from below is from Jeff's site. It cracked me. :-)
07/23/02 - Why PayPal is evil
So, recently I wanted to purchase something from the internet, from a site that used Paypal for its transactions. I opened up my paypal account over a year ago, when I was doing some "Ebaying" (yes, that is a verb), but I have not used it in quite some time.

Back to the story: I tried to log in to my paypal account but I first had to update it, because the email address that I used to log in with, "Jeff@bhamwebdesign.com", no longer exists. Then, after logging in I was deligted to learn that my account was "restricted". (Below, from Paypal site)

Why is my account restricted?

Your account has been restricted because your credit card was rejected multiple times by our credit card authorization service.

Well, one would figure that since I pitched my POS (Piece of Shit) Capital One card over a year ago, that it would now be invalid.

I also found that my old bank account info was in the PayPal account, but I sucessfully added the new bank info with no problems.

So, I called Paypal to straighten this out. It was a really pleasant conversation. It went something like this:

"Hi, My name is Jeff and my account is restricted. Also, I can't seem to add my new credit card to the account"

"Your account is restricted."

"Yeah, thanks... anyway, so I got rid of that old credit card over a year ago. How can we solve this problem?"

"Your account is restricted. You need to fax a credit card statement from your old credit card, along with your driver's license."

"Sorry, I don't have those statements anymore, considering how long ago the account was cancelled. Is there any other way around this problem? I don't see what the point of the restriction is, anyway. I cancelled my card. I have a new credit card now. Can't you simply delete the old card from my account?"

"I'm sorry, but we can't do that. Your account is restricted."

"Ok... um... How about this: Why don't you just cancel my account right now...delete it right off of your system, and I'll set up a new one with my new credit card?"

"I'm sorry, but you can't open up a new account, and we can't delete your current account, because your account is restricted."

"What the...! This is ridiculous. I mean, are you kidding???!!?!"

"No, sir, I am not kidding."

.... at this point, I just about lost interest. She suggested that I call Capital one and try to get an old credit card statement from them... a very ridiculous request, if I've ever heard one.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that conversation with the 2.3 readers that visit this site.

-- Stella
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