This from the same man who...

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 at 3:44PM :

...had 15,000 Chaldeans on his side...and the cross on his forehead. Oh, forget it.

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Re: Chaldean Nation News Paper

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Written by Ghassan on 23 Jul 2002 03:33:36:

As an answer to: Re: Chaldean Nation News Paper written by Concerned Christian on 23 Jul 2002 00:09:39:

Well, actually it's not the name only that's angering some, but the fact that I started and for the first time a Chaldean political newspaper is what's pissing off many.

Suddenly a strange alliance of Zowaa operatives and some do-nothing-but-attack-others Chaldeans are ganging against Ghassan Shathaya. I have recently heard so many bad things said about me by this and that, that I really wondered "what else will be said about me if I continue this project?"

Suddenly, Zowaa operatives in Detroit are telling this and that Chaldean about how bad is Ghassan. Suddenly, some "meetings' strugglers" Chaldeans are worried about "this extremist Ghassan Shathaya". Even a high ranking Chaldean priest on a recent visit to Australia attacked "those Chaldeans who are seeking political agenda".

Yes, I am suddenly under attack by a strange alliance of groups and yes it was one reason why I "cooled off" in coming out with the second issue, but I have always been a fighter all my life and no amount of bad mouthing me nor any number of evil doings would stop me from continuing a path that I believe is the best for my people. Chaldeans do need their own political organ and Chaldean nationalists do need to raise their people's political awareness of their rights and interests.

That's my promise to all those who bad mouthed me. Actually, my decision to relocate to either Detroit or San Diego is one response to them so I could be closer to my people and then things will have another direction.

Once again, sorry for being late in coming out with July issue of Chaldean Nation newspaper. It will come out within couple of weeks (I am just running around on too many fronts lately and hardly have free time as I used to before).


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