Sharon's Success

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Posted by Pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, July 23, 2002 at 10:05PM :

It isn't just the Worldcoms and Enrons and the Banks that are's all our politicians...ALL of them. When will people lose their foolish hope. their naive "faith", and begin to open their eyes.

The Israelis want to get a they pick the middle of night when they know everyone is sleeping in the block..and they get their man...and a whole lot of innocent people as well... so much the better, no matter what they say to you. But the Israeli pilot doesn't have to blow his plane up to do it...he doesn't commit suicide...just murder. He doesn't even get his hair mussed up.

The Palestinians have no F16's...they can't much get near to the Israeli military command...even getting at the soldiers is difficult enough...but they've managed to kill some...and in the process kill innocent people...but to do that they've had to become the bombs dropping one from a few thousand feet at 400 miles an hour...and home for breakfast.

Both sides are killing civilians...that's what modern warfare amounts to...and in Sharon's case it's the best way to keep the war going...keep his coalition and stay in power. Damn...they had a "Peace Scare" in Israel!!! back to killing the kids.

And the United States is behind the whole thing...cynnically using our well suppressed hatred of Jews...come on admit we'll beleive they managed to "take over" our government, our hospitals, our media, our seems they've rotted our minds as well....for us to be this gullible...this unable to see how we're being had.

There are no Terrorists but what we make...the Romans were beseiged by terrorists too...Jesus comes to mind.

-- Pancho
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