My Mandate Over My Neighbor's Wife

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 9:25AM :

Just had my way with her. Showed her husband the "Mandate" I'd drawn up giving me the right to dispose of her chastity. It wasn't just me that mandated me...I had my friends sign it too, so it was legal. Who's going to argue with our laws?

Where do you get these "mandate" things? I could see some real uses to them. I'd like a mandate over my other neighbor's car...a mandate on a vacation and a mandate to help myself to groceries would be nice too.

How do people give themselves mandates to your property, then come pointing out that you were in violation of THEIR mandate over YOU.

In Kenya the Brits imposed a tax on the Kikuyu tribe. They didn't know what a tax was...when it was explained, they said no problem, here's a chicken. Not so fast said the Brits, you have to pay the tax in money. What's that the ignorant and backward Kikuyu said. That's this here paper, said the Brits. Okay, where do we get this paper to give you so you'll leave us alone? Turns out the only way they could get the paper was to go to work on the plantations and farms...sell their lands...or children and wives. But they had to pay that tax. The Brits showed them the Mandate they had that said so...drew it up themselves.

Palestinians never signed anywhere on any Mandate. You can't call a document legal when it disposes of people who've no say in drafting your fucking document. By now however we've all grown so accustomed to hearing "British Mandate" that we never question the legality of the theft in the first place. Americans gave themselves a Mandate to native American lands as well...and every time they wanted more land or another river or mountain...they wrote up another if making one means the theft is legal.

And what about "Partition"? Where did any Palestinians sign up for that? That's like coming into your house and "partitioning" off your living room and bathroom. What gave them the right to divide up a sovereign state? Same place you get Mandates from probably. Who ghave the United Nations the right to Partition anything...who gave the Brits the right to have a Mandate over anyone? In the answer lies the problem. And yet Palestinians are willing to grant Israel legal status when it has none. They just can't see giving it evreything it wants, when the fact that it's there at all, means it was stolen from the Palestinians. And DON'T come waving the Bible either. That's nothing more than a Mandate the JEWS dreamed up. "Listen up God just told me I get to have your house". This is lunacy, not religion.

At the very foundation of it Israel was built on an act of injustice and a people who'd every reason in the world to understand how wrong that was.

Had the Jews stolen Germany and killed every last German, who would have minded? Wouldn't that at least have been justifiable in everyone's eyes? Just as we figured at the close of the First World War that Assyrian "allies" would honor their promises to us at the expense of the enemy they'd just defeated...with our help.

The Jews bounced right back with the help of the same people who either ignored their plight or robbed and murdered go rob and murder people who'd never harmed them. Which was it...did the European and American Christians do nothing to the Jews...nothing as awful as what the Palestinian Arabs we can justify Israeli "retaliaion" against Arabs for the last forty years...or did the Europeans really kill and torture that many Jews? One can't help but wonder when the overwhelming majority of the anger and racial hatred the Jews have is directed at Arabs...while they almost immediately made nicey nice with the Germans, French, Italian, English and Americans.

Who did more harm to Jews...Arabs or Christians? How come then it is Arabs who have to suffer the consequences for what they didn't do? Do I hear Oil?

Petroleum doesn't just drive lubricates all machinery and thousands of products are extracted from ut. It is the common goo everything turns into in the end. That about sums it up.

-- pancho
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