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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, July 24, 2002 at 10:01AM :

the other night. It was suggested that I am spending too much time and energy on the Jackster, suing and all of that...that I should just get back to the creative work at hand. It's a sound suggestion, made by people who wish us all well...and wish we'd all grow up and get on with it.

I did just that for several years...did my work and ignored the negative crap. But when I saw that after 13 years of work, one old Fart could stop the it...that 80,000 Assyrians were happy with their Block...that Atour and Janey could stop another project, and that Jackie could and would stop me from showing...replacing my work with three pots and being very pleased with "all she's done for us"....well, obviously there was no point in spending years to do work...to concentrate only on the work...only to have it all ruined in the end.

Only a fool would coninue playing by those rules. Which is what they count on...these leaders. They don't want your best...our best. They want their egos salved and massaged and built up. They'd like nothing more than for me to say..."well shucks, I guess I'll go spend another five years working". They can keep me bottled up and frustrated that way till they break me completely or drive me away...either way THEY win, and that's what their love of their Heritage is all about...the one place where they can feel like they matter.

A sane man either goes away...or tackles the problem at its root. That's why I am a sculptor anyway. Sculpture is about finding the essential...the essential position, or expression from thousands of choices. You ask yourself what is a horse really about? Which movement best captures that essential "horse"? It's a kind of caveman elemental thing...you cut away excess and go to the central core. That's what it means to be "radical"..to go to root causes.

Hence...the lawsuit and all the other stuff have to move forward. The root cause of our malaise lies not in our lack of creativity or energy or dedication, as it is not due to Turks or Moslems...it can be found in this leadership from hell, made of petty tyrants who each wants to rule supreme over the dunghill the're bound and determined to make of this Heritage...just so long as the'll be the biggest toad on the hill.

-- panch
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