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Posted by panch from pool0158.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, July 25, 2002 at 9:14AM :

Is Sharton a war criminal or not? Who hasn't deliberately killed innocent women and children in wartime? How many innocents were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? What about the fire-bombing of Dresden? What about the wedding party in Afghanistan we just bombed? Why do Jews have to be held to a different standard all the time?

What about My Lai...what about any number of Hamlets in Vietnam that were deliberately wiped out with just that intention in mind...to kill future or potential warriors?

What is a Jewish ultra-nationalist supposed to do? After nearly wiping them out, the Europeans got rid of them after all by making it almost impossible for the survivors to ever feel secure in Europe again. So they put them all into a narrow strip of desert. Are they now supposed to contain themselves for all time in that one space? How could they know that a Holocaust would never again be tried out on their heads? So there they are now, "safe" in partitioned Palestine...placed into a cage really outside of which all sorts of terrors could be lurking. Remember the bomb attack in Argentina some years back...and if they had returned to Europe once more after the war...how would we know that the same resentments, the same rumors, the same blood-libels wouldn't have dogged their steps forever?

Does Israel then become one big camp...a place to "encourage" Jews to go to so we can finally get them "out of Banking"....or whatever?

Are they supposed to limit their growth for the next 1000 years so they don't exhaust the resources they don't have much of anyway? Out of all the people in the world, are the Jews supposed to be the only ones to have to limit their population growth? Is the creation of Israel just a compromise to the "Final Solution"? A Camp of last resort...a cruel joke?

It's those Christians again...muderdering the Jews...then giving them a place and a damn good reason to get out of Europe after all. And America, never one to miss an opportunity...puts them to work, as a condition for all the "aid" it provides... doing its dirty work for it...in exchange for which it looks the other way as hard-liners try to expand the borders of Israel as much as possible...any way they can.

Every time I think I've figured it out one way...the other side hits me.

-- panch
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