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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Thursday, July 25, 2002 at 10:13AM :

In Reply to: Documentaries on Palestine posted by Stella from ( on Thursday, July 25, 2002 at 4:13AM :

Lord knows we need more unbiased coverage....but then what? Who really believes what they hear on either side...and once you're convinced that there is mayhem and brutality on both sides...then what?

It isn't as if anyone is going to be shocked to hear Israel does nasties. But now what? The real causes of this war aren't being discussed because they lead right back to us and our Politics of Oil. If the Jews weren't disrupting that region we'd just find another excuse...godless communism...or a threat to "our way of life", or this new thing, "terrorism" we've copined for anyone who says too loudly "hell no"!, as if when the United States wants anything, no one had better stand in its way....meaning us having to pay a fair price for oil...or the ruination of the economies and societies in Iran and Iraq.

Not everything comes down to a question of, Did the Israelis kill innocent children or not? Even after you've proved it...then what?

Will the oil companies pull out...will gringos back home demand an investigation into the marriage of politics and government with the Oil companies, with banks, with international conglomerates? Who cares who is killing whom...REALLY!! The isue is money, greed and our insatiable willingness to be duped...just so our consciences don't bother us too badly.

Now we can hate the Jews as we hate the Palestinians...or reverse course and hate the other side where we hated this side only...or exclusively...or maybe we'll be "fair" and hate them all. So what? As long as we don't discuss the basic underpinnings of ALL American foreign policy and "Aid"...the IMF, the World Bank...and all the rest of the boondoggles we've created to forestall recognition of the obvious...the United States is rapidly becomming an Empire of a new sort...a modern Financial Empire backed by the same murderous weapons of old, made "new and improved". It's just being better packaged and "sold" to us. That's all. The hatred we are beginning to engender around the world is well earned and deserved. many more years like this and there is no telling where we'll be...but we wont like can bet on that.

-- pancho
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