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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 12:41PM :

Seems they tweaked it even you need a password to view anything. At least they haven`t shut out entire states and countries. Even after all I´ve seen of the incredible cowardice and low intellectual development of many of our Assyrian Christians...I can´t say I´m surprised.

It goes along with everything else. These guys are National boys I´m sure they were smothered by overprotective mothers who fawned over every dribble they dribbled. They were never used to being know the kind of Assyrian baby lion we´re talking about...the kind that was always right, the kind whose sister had to make the bed for him, the mother squeezed the juice for...the kid whose parents felt the surest way of making a GRAT man of him was to never oppose or contradict him..the kind who would stay locked up inside his house and taunt other children in the street because they didn´t know the ¨password¨ and couldn´t get to the little hero.

And now they cry and rail and wail and would hold their breath till they turned blue if it would do them any good. But it doesn´t...and so they dgredge up all the wrongs done to them ever...and use those as an excuse for their own miserable showing. Either they blame an event of 1000 years ago...or they cite one of 2000 years ago...either way they have never taken reponsibility for even an unmade bed...let alone the disheveled condition of their minds.

They´ve merely carried on in that tradition...set on this course by parents who had not much else in life to hope they looked to great things from boys they thought they could coddle and pamper to Greatness.

If you are among the fortunate few who can enter the place and behold these ¨leaders¨in training...give ém a kick in the arse anyway...just to remind them of what they really are.

-- pancho
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